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crunchychocobo's gameplay for Nier (X360)

crunchychocobo played Nier

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crunchychocobo said...
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Tried to play the DLC, but since all my game saves are gone, I have nothing to play the DLC with. I guess I will start over one day.

Nier (X360)

Genre/Style: Action/Action Adventure
Release Date: 29/MAR/10
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just started playing this game. so far i've met Keine(can't do special characters on here for the e in her name but yeah) i like it so far.
I loved everything about this game. :)
There is DLC for this game?
Yes there is. If you're going to play it though, be sure to NOT complete the fourth ending first.
i'll be sure to remember that. i wont be getting this game for a while as i have to save up for furnature for my room lol but still its on my list of "to get"
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